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Meetings are about communication. When we meet face-to-face, there arises a unique opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas; to listen and discuss. To inspire and enthuse each other. Personal meetings are necessary. They develop people and it is the ability to collaborate and move in the same direction that enables companies to achieve great results. Gustavo is a meeting agency that specialises in doing something very extraordinary with personal meetings.

You can say it in an email or with a tweet, text or in a Facebook post, but sometimes it’s better to meet; to go beyond everyday life, to a new situation where you have the opportunity to share experiences and experience. Moments that lead to new insights and shared memories. Some meetings and moments are never forgotten. There are meetings that, in a moment, can change the world. Afterwards, nothing is the same. Something has happened.

Meetings can be so much more than the sum of its participants. Creativity and the exchange of thoughts and ideas can light sparks and move mountains. Gustavo is a meeting agency that creates unforgettable, inspirational moments: meetings that make change.

During the year 2020, the everyday life changed. Gustavo made an upgrade and are also working as a meeting producer. Today we are helping companies get a good digital dialogue with their participants and are the bridge between the technology company and the speakers on stage. We ensure that the agenda works for all participants, the ones with physical presence as well as the participants that are attending digitally. We go through the technology behind how to speak on stage, we keep track on the broadcast according to the schedule and we make sure that both studio and speakers work within the picture frame.

We bring these roles together. The role of a project manager is to understand the purpose of the meeting and ensure that this purpose is achieved. The role as a producer is to transmit our costumers message with the right feeling for the digital participants.

That's why we work with meetings

We have been working with professional meetings and events since 1989. We have faced challenges and we have had big triumphs. These have given us experience, confidence and routine. There is always a little trepidation and stress when it comes to meetings with many people involved.

That trepidation drives and challenges us, but it is also a rewarding job. The feeling of being involved and conducting meetings that people remember with a smile on their face is incredibly satisfying.

Sustainable meetings

Gustavo wants to contribute to a positive impact on the destinations where our various projects are conducted. A large part of our business is based on managing international meetings, often in developing countries and in places that are only accessible going by air. For many developing countries, responsible travelling becomes an important factor in reducing poverty. Gustavo sees all the advantages with global travelling, however, we also concede its consequences contributing to global warming. We encourage our travellers to reduce their carbon footprint. In cases where you need to travel by air, you can reduce your impact by carbon offsetting for your flight, choosing direct flights and flights that offer travel with green biofuel. In addition to climate-adapted flights, we work intensively with events based on supporting local people and projects that preserve nature and cultural areas. This work can, for example, mean a fixed or increased income for local employees, the opportunity for education and livelihood, which in turn has a positive impact on the entire local community. Several of our partner hotels offer training to employees, sponsor schooling for children whose parents are unable to pay tuition fees, or support animal and nature conservation projects.

For projects conducted outside the developing countries, it is important to find hotels suppliers with high climate targets for their businesses. We encourage these suppliers to develop new climate-smart details in their operations. Further, we encourage event suppliers to create sustainable activities and help transport suppliers to develop sustainable options.

To develop our sustainability work, we collaborate with Ecolyx. Ecolyx has worked with sustainability issues for 10 years and together we are helping destinations to work with sustainability in a more concrete way benefiting both human and nature. Ecolyx works with an internal evaluation system called eco-rating. Eco-rating is based on the principles of ecotourism developed by The International Ecotourism Society, TIES and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Our goal is to work with Ecolyx to develop this evaluation system and to offer our customers more sustainable and responsible meeting programs.

We are also a part of the network A Sustainable Tomorrow, which works for a sustainable future. Through A Sustainable Tomorrow, we bring together sustainable actors from the commercial and industrial life, public sector, civil society and the academy. We create modern and unique meetings where knowledge is spread and networks are created to increase the participants business value based on the Global goals for a sustainable development.

Safer meetings

Sometimes extra important things are discussed and it is important to know that the optimal security arrangements have been made. We have experience in organizing international meetings at the management level, where nothing is left to chance. We cooperate with security companies and ensure that everything is carried out carefully, according to all the rules. We conduct a thorough risk analysis, we check how the venue cooperates in terms of security issues and we know which places and venues to avoid.

In terms of technology, is the internet connection safe? Are there any loose papers that need to be handled? Sometimes business-critical affairs and meetings must be kept discreet. We have handled such situations, many times. At Gustavo we also ensure our suppliers’ creditworthiness, bank guarantees, licences, insurance and the like – we have already done all the background work for you! This also applies to all our agents in our global network.


Previous meetings

We have worked with many different challenging projects around the world. We have organized a sailing regatta in Mexico and a refrigeration board meeting at the ICEHOTEL. We have held a conference around the Wasa warship in Stockholm and rolled cigars in Cuba. We have organized an Oscars gala in Bali and an exciting Casino night in Monte Carlo. We have also taken care of guests and VIP customers in connection with trade fairs and conferences.

We know when the salmon peaks in Murmansk and we have been on a Jeep safari in Malta. We take care of, and oversee logistics and ensure everything is working. We have the contacts; we know the agents and technology suppliers and they know us. We also know the local culture and social codes.

Some of our latest events are presented below. Here you can keep an eye on what we do!

When meetings become brands

We collaborate with various communication agencies. It’s something we have been doing for a long time and there is an apparent idea behind it. Meetings are about communication and change; about evolving, pushing on and inspiring. And communication is an important part of this. Together we create meetings that become their own brands, where communication and marketing add positive expectations to each event, an elevated experience during the event, making it live on a long time afterwards. It’s also about practical things such as invitations, information material, websites, it’s about documenting, videotaping or maybe live streaming an event online.

Sometimes it’s simply about selling an event and driving traffic and getting participants to it. We can offer web based registration solutions, apps with push notifications and much more. But above all else, we can ensure that there is a theme and a strategy: an experienced communications agency can ensure that what you want to say gets all the way there and is properly understood and perceived in the intended way. It is also about reaching the objectives and goals for your meeting which calls for high level communication. We have noticed that, when we as a meetings agency, work together within our network, we create entirely new opportunities.

Digital streaming

Digital streaming enables broadcasting of your meeting. We have the technology to broadcast live in HD on the web or via Youtube and Facebook. With this technology, we help you with your seminars, meetings, events or press conferences. We can either build a studio environment to broadcast press releases live, or build a presentation set in the conference room catching the viewers. This gives the opportunity to get participants, who would otherwise travel a long way and set aside a lot of time for the meeting, to actually be able to follow the meeting through the web from wherever they are.

There are many ways to use digital streaming. Everything from a simpler set up by having a fixed camera to the stage, to being more complex, like television production, with several moving cameras and sound that capture questions from the audience as well as listeners connected to the live broadcast.

In order to maintain the interest in live streaming at the receiver, a new speech and movement pattern are required on stage. The speaker has to catch attention from both those who are physically present in the room as well as those who are virtually connected to the meeting.

We are glad to support with our expertise in this technique and offer interactive digital streaming tools for our customers. For example, the viewers will be able to answer questions during the meeting, they will have the opportunity to submit questions to a discussion panel, or they will receive direct questions where the viewer is projected onto the main screen via the camera on their laptop. Everything to have a dynamic and interesting meeting.

We develop digital meetings and exhibition platforms as well as digital whiteboards. All for the interactive link between digital participants or between the digital and the physical participants.

Interested in working with us?

Gustavo is constantly evolving, thanks to its employees. More exciting colleagues increase our assets and opportunities for good results. Even though we encourage diversity, we have an important common denominator that unites us. Our team loves to deliver a high level of service! With us, you can join and influence our amazing travels and exciting adventures around the world. Our successful assignments continually provide us with new challenges where we need more employees.

Currently, we do not have any vacancies in our office, but we are constantly in need of project assistants. Tell us why we need you as a co-worker in a personal letter, together with an attached CV. Send your work application to info@gustavo.se

We hope you become a part of our gang!


We at Gustavo love every conversation we have with you. Whether you are a friend who has given us job satisfaction since the beginning, or a curious new friend, if you would like to meet us personally, you are more than welcome to visit us at Randersgatan 1, Helsingborg.

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